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This collection is the story of a path of creations, of an extension of what I am, of what I create, in

inventing myself according to the garment.

I want my illustrations to come out of the frame, take flight through clothing, movement, to inspire women, giving them height with lightness, cheerfulness and audacity, to live in the spirit of the times, the freedom of to be oneself, to assume this discrepancy with the programmed normativity of the trend.

I started from existing clothes as collage material for a stylistic renewal, out of common sense in the face of textile abundance and out of love of clothing for its complexity or its simplicity, both push me to a curiosity such as:

Ce sont des pièces uniques, mais je peux aussi les reconfectionner à partir de vos vêtements pour une histoire personnelle et toujours unique.

Studio KaT in the R
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