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The team KaT in the R

Collage is the mode of translation of my thoughts, of my observations since I was born.

Everything I capture visually or emotionally is assembled, transformed, told, in my mind and on paper. This takes me to evidence, languages, dialogues, surprises where the image deploys all its possibilities.  

Illustration is one of the means that channels these enchantments and invites me to this balancing act in search of harmony through different materials (paper, prints, textiles, etc.) and graphic disciplines such as drawing.

Fashion has always been my playground, since I see it as a collage.

The fact of choosing one's clothes, of getting dressed, is to come to terms with oneself, or to play at telling something else. Each moment has its mood, its scenario.  

This is why I wanted to take the creatures that I create in drawing and collage out of the frame, so that they take flight through clothing, impose their look through movement, their attitude, hoping that they inspire women by giving them height, lightness, wings, audacity and joy in tune with the times.



To discover my illustrations:


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