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You own a unique piece, take advantage of it by wearing it happily and pass it on.

It is made of silk satin or wool and silk veil. These materials have a delicate, airy appearance but as they are natural they are robust.

Personally, I don't always bring a garment with these materials to the dry cleaners.

I wash the silk in a COLD machine with a program for wool or delicate textiles. I use a few drops of a detergent for woolen or delicate clothes, see shampoo. Programmed a very delicate spin cycle of 400 rpm.

Let air dry, especially not in the sun! Iron on the reverse on delicate fabric program with a damp cloth.

Airing and brushing clothes is a natural way to care for your delicate clothes. If you opt for dry cleaning, try to find dry cleaners that use environmentally friendly technologies.

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