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I simply start from the observation that the material that pollutes the least is the one that already exists, if it is reused.

It is out of love for vintage, its know-how, as well as common sense in the face of the abundance of textiles that surrounds us that I use existing clothes, to which I add the necessary length of fabric created from an original illustration to create a new clothing story.

This creation-assembly which mixes different eras takes up the codes of collage which is the DNA of my concept.

The clothes are rigorously selected for their style, their materials, their perfect condition. Sweaters or tank tops contain at least 60% virgin wool.

You can send me your clothes and I transform them with my exclusive illustrations-collages for a creative and unique look. The CUSTOMIZATION section informs you of the procedure to follow.

KaT in the R




I chose natural silk and the veil of wool and silk for their sensuality, their softness, their lightness, their fluidity, and because these natural and light fibers perfectly accompany the movement in the emotion.

Silk is strong and durable even with daily use.

It is also anti-bacterial, anti-mite and naturally hypo-allergenic.

Its fibers do not attack the skin. For people with sensitive skin, it avoids and can even prevent inflammation. It is a thermo-regulating material. That is to say that it refreshes us in summer and warms us when it is cold.

The wool used for the hand-knitted cuffs in certain creations comes from the French spinning mill Fonty, created in 1880, which is labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. It is more precisely a Merino Aubusson yarn with a double assembly of 8 x 2 strands which gives it resistance, elasticity and swelling.  It is particularly suitable for making the wool cuffs of the sleeves which are knitted by Katrin with great dexterity.

KaT in the R
Pull KaT in the R

La laine utilisée pour les poignets tricotés à la main dans certaines créations provient de la filature française Fonty, créée en 1880 qui est labellisée Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. Il s'agit plus précisément du fils Mérinos  Aubusson avec un double assemblage de 8 x 2 brins qui lui donne résistance, élasticité et gonflant; Il convient particulièrement pour la confection des poignets en laine des manches qui sont tricotés par Katrin avec une grande dextérité.

Nous pouvons vous adresser gratuitement des échantillons de tissus de soie imprimée si vous en faites la demande par


It is done in Europe. The process is reactive printing which is the highest quality method and requires almost no water. The inks are nature-friendly. No chemicals are used in the fibers, no gas, coal or oil is directly used in the printing.

KaT in the R


I am lucky to live in a region to the west of Paris, Montfort l'Amaury, where since the 1920s many artists have settled, taking advantage of a bucolic setting not far from Paris.

The workshops of craftsmen and artists who work or collaborate with KaT in the R are located 15 minutes from the studio.

I create the collection, re-design, fabric the pieces and illustrate the added textile elements.
Gaelle assembles and sews with her professional know-how of delicate fabrics. Katrin knits, knits, knits and knits again and again...the cuffs of the knitted tops by hand with special Japanese circular needles.

Sandrine makes the ceramic pendants in the colors of the collection.

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